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waterfall pictures


Images of waterfalls

You could be forgiven for thinking that waterfalls are just nature showing off. We cannot easily see the energy in a flowing river until it falls. Even the smallest stream has the power to move mountains.

pictures of paris


Pictures of Paris

My favourite city. The architects of Paris have created something that is visually stunning. It is hardly surprising that so many artists have chosen to live their lives in such beautiful surroundings

forest images
Picture of a tree

Trees and forests

It is almost impossible to walk through a forest without feeling very close to nature. Trees have a special place in my heart. Seemingly at rest but always full of life. They are the silent witnesses of our world.

beach images


Picture of a beach

I love beaches, not for the sunbathing but for the rocks, the waves and the sand dunes. Most of the beaches here are in the far north of Scotland where the temperature keeps them deserted allowing me to photograph them at their beautiful best.

burnham on crouch



My home town. This is a small town on the east coast of rural England. This gallery has modern photographs and pictures from the town’s past. You can see whilst some things have changed, others remain exactly the same.

standing stones

Ancient monuments

Standing stones and stone circles

Human beings have been changing the landscape for thousands of years. When we look at these monuments now we can get a glimpse into the life of our ancient ancestors. Equally fascinating is the effect of thousands of years of erosion on these stones.



flower picture


Flower pictures and videos

Flowers are incredible, a whole natural world in every bloom. They each have their own character and personality and when you get close enough, they are like landscapes from an alien world.

cloud photograph picture


cloud pictures and more

In the skies above us there are vast and incredible machines. We seldom pay them any attention, but if we do, we are treated to the sight of natural forces in all their glorious wonder.