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Starting out

Everyone has to start somewhere and if you are new to photography, digital or otherwise, this is the place to begin. This section contains some basic information to help you get started.

Choosing a digital camera

The jargon of digital photography

Pictures of people

Operating a digital camera

Better flash pictures




Camera settings

If you wish to do more than simple snapshot photography then the first thing to understand is how to set your camera up for different types of photography or different situations. This section contains information about the settings found on most digital cameras. What they mean, what they are for and when to use them.

Image size

Image quality

Colour balance

ISO number

Other photo settings

Frame numbering

Operational settings

Exposure modes

Using flash modes




The photographic process

Understanding your camera controls is only one part of a larger photographic process. Equally important is learning the difference between the reality you see and the photographs you take of it. Most of this applies equally to both digital and film photographs.

Why photographs look different

Developing your vision

Natural light

Unnatural light

Photographic accessories - filters

Photographic accessories - tripods

Photographic accessories - flash

Dealing with shutter lag

Improving your photographic skills

Out of focus pictures

Dslr camera lenses - The crop factor


Digital working

Using a digital camera is hardly any different from using a film camera but, once you have taken your digital images, things are very different. You have entered the world of computer software where anything you could conceivably think of doing to your pictures is possible.

The digital difference

Choosing software

The basics of photo editing

Printing digital photographs

Inkjet or lab - which is best?

The cost of digital photography in the UK

Photographic challenges

Some branches of photography are definitely easier than others. This section has information about some of the more challenging photographs you can try taking with your camera.

Night and firework photography

Nude photography



The business of photography

If you love photography, you’ll probably love the idea of making money from what you love doing. Here is some information about what’s involved and details about different ways of earning a living through photography.

Turning professional

Selling stock photos

Portrait photography

Wedding photography



Whether you are an absolute beginner or an experienced photographer, there is useful information here for you. This is an ongoing project and items are added to this page on a regular basis. Feel free to suggest new topics using the form at the bottom of this page.

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